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Introducing TIMEKODE 3.0 - Now broadcasting live!

Peace Family! Welcome to the new era of TIMEKODE -This has been a long time coming!! Thanks to everyone who was with us waaaaaay back in 2005 for those first TK’s at Café Nostalgica (R.I.P.)  and big up to everyone who has ever made their way down to our home at the Eri Café over at 953 Somerset West. In January of this year we got together and started scheming on how we could take things to the next level and reach more people with this good music movement. We came up with 3 things to start:

  • Update the website: The old website was not us being “vintage-web” or ironic. We just needed to update it. Now all of our social media activity, music, events, and music can be found EASILY in one place: http://timekode.com
  • Start broadcasting live-to-air: Radio is not dead. Not when we can start transmitting live from the Eri! TK is linking with the mighty CKCU FM to broadcast two hours of live party vibes from midnight to two ayem every month on 93.1 FM in Ottawa and http://ckcufm.com streaming (and archiving) worldwide!! We’ve been testing it out over the past couple of months - check the teasers.
  • Connect with the next generation: It’s almost been 7 years since TK began - we’re not getting younger but people who are into progressive music are. Team TK is partnering with Jaku Konbit to work with young people between the ages of 16 and 18 who are interested in music and DJ culture over four-month internship periods. The internship is focused on the path from being a casual listener to djing and presenting music and the life skills that one can pick up along that path. Team TK will learn a lot from the young folks no doubt, and we’ll benefit from their help with the live-to-air.

Thanks to all the souls who moved their soles to help us get this far! Keep up with us however you stay connected: facebook, twitter, mixcloud, email (join our bimonthly - that’s every two months - mailing list on the new site) or here on tumblr where we’ll be blogging it out. Thanks to homies + our design team Kenji Toyooka and Colin White all of those channels come together beautifully in the new and improved http://timekode.com. Stay tuned for everything that comes next!!